Innvotec’s objective is to provide investment opportunities that will prove financially attractive for both institutional and private investors.

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Our Services

Innvotec’s expertise is also deployed across a well selected range of international SPAC projects, consisting of advisory services and strategic partnerships. Innvotec’s experience and network coupled with regional partners make an attractive exit opportunity for high-quality management teams and business owners.
Corporate Finance
Corporate finance must be more pragmatic but equally rigorous. A transaction could arise, for example, from an acquisition search or a mergers and acquisitions assignment. The allotted team will use their industry knowledge, network of relationships and lateral thinking to define the transaction. Innvotec’s analytical skills will be brought to bear. The executive board will sign off the transaction.
Specialist Funds
Innvotec is particularly sympathetic to investment in technology companies which must simultaneously satisfy ESG credentials and the prospect of providing attractive returns to investors. In the case of the Female Ventures Fund the focus is on female-founded and co-founded companies. Small and diversified investment can be undertaken in early stage “acorns”, whereas the more mature investments, approaching realizations will tend to be more concentrated.
Innvotec’s traditional EIS line of business brings high-quality UK early-stage investment opportunities. Similarly to Innvotec’s Asset Management investment process, the EIS investment opportunities are carefully pre- screened before going to the Investment Committee for approval.
Innvotec will continue to pursue the on-going deals arising from its gem companies. Within this selected group of investee companies, the senior team will use its expertise to carefully identify potential corporate transactions especially focusing on mergers and acquisitions, licensing agreements or other areas of collaboration.